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Support Coordination

NDIS Support Coordination Service Provider in South East Melbourne

To get or have an NDIS plan some time is not only interesting but also challenging. Finding the appropriate services, organising a range of supporting services and monitoring every aspect of development - there’s a lot to take care of.

If you are looking for an NDIS support coordination provider in South East Melbourne to understand, implement and optimise your experience, contact Blue Heart Community Care.

Blue Heart Community Care - Registered NDIS Support Coordination Provider.

Blue Heart Community Care is an NDIS registered support coordination service provider in South East Melbourne. We know how navigating through the NDIS can be a perplexing experience. You have to understand new terms and learn new processes which further add to the uncertainties and challenges. Our support coordinator constantly strives to guide you through these uncertainties and improve the overall NDIS experience.

Our Support Coordinators mainly focus on the following aspects,

Assist to navigate NDIS Plan and work with you to find the appropriate Services & service Provider.

  • Assist to develop knowledge, experience and connections with the community and broader systems of support.
  • Assist participants to understand Plan funding and its purpose. Our qualified support coordinators identify what participant wants and accordingly will develop and design support to meet Participant goals and aspirations.
  • Assist the Participant to identify and consider various support options, and link the Participant to the broader systems of support.
  • Assistance to resolve the crisis and developing capacity and resilience in the Participant's network.
  • Coach the Participant through challenges that come up. Helps participants prepare for review and report on achieved Participant outcomes.

Why Should You Outsource Support Coordination?

When you outsource NDIS support services, the coordinators help you manage the complexities of an NDIS plan. Besides, we establish a smooth communication channel to maintain long-lasting relationships with the service providers. At Blue Heart Community Care, we assist participants to handle any issues to enhance their understanding of NDIS support services.

In addition, we assist in monitoring the assigned budget and funding for the supports. Our professionals work closely with participants and the service providers to process the plan and review the outcomes at regular intervals.

How Does Our NDIS Support Coordinator Help You?

Blue Heart Community Care has a team of trained, skilled and compassionate professionals who help you negotiate service agreements, including the pricing. Moreover, we guide you and support you to determine the most effective way to optimise your NDIS plan.

In addition, we support managing any service disruptions and identifying alternative options when the regular services might be unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.

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