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Social & Community Participation Supports for Your Happiness and Wellbeing

To connect with others is one of the basic requirements of human beings. Human interaction plays a vital role in mental and physical wellbeing, and living with a disability does not mean detachment from the community. At Blueheart Community Care, we provide Social & Community Participation Support to encourage learning new skills, become an active part of the community and participate in group activities.

How Can Community Participation Services Help?

Community participation services enable the participants to learn and develop new skills, which empower them to live independently with employment. Participants are at the heart of everything we do! We enable participants to become an active part in the community and contribute to their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

What Community Participation Services Can Blue Heart Provide?

As a registered NDIS provider, we encourage the participants to maintain their independence and enable them to continue things they love to do while offering support where needed. Moreover, we empower a participant to engage in community and recreational activities, so they can carry on with their routine activities such as:

  • Shopping groceries and other essential items
  • Visiting a healthcare centre for medical appointments
  • Visiting a bank or post-office.

In addition, our professionals ensure that the participants can visit a library, go to gym, visit friends and family members independently.

Why Choose Blue Heart for Community Participation Services?

Some of the activities we assisting to our participants are:

  • To Go out for Shopping
  • For Medical appointments
  • To visit the library, bank and post office
  • To visit the swimming Pool & the Gym
  • Visiting friends and family, Going to a café or a restaurant, Attending group activities (Morning Melody) Hair, nail and beauty appointments, Go out for a walk or drive.
  • Attending community events and many more.

Blue Heart Community Care is a registered NDIS provider committed to supporting participants to develop new skills and live life independently.

Do I Qualify For Community Participation Services Under the NDIS?

If an individual with disability or medical condition with supporting documentation, meets the other required criteria, they are eligible for community participation services under the NDIS.

What are Community Participation Services Available Under NDIS?
  • Life skills development, such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, and more
  • Employment skills development, including resume writing and employment preparation
  • Health, safety, and wellness
  • Educational sessions
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • And some recreational and social activities, including games, community outings, and creative arts.
What Benefits Come From Community Participation?

Our community participation programs ensure that you feel confident by providing you with opportunities to develop skills.

How Does Community Participation Affect Your Personality?

Community participation helps reshape your personality by supporting you to become more independent.

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