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NDIS Short Term Accommodation (STA & MTA) in Melbourne

It is an emotionally taxing process to find a reliable and safe NDIS short term accommodation for a loved one who is a NDIS funded participant. Sometimes a carer - whether a family member or NDIS worker - might need to take a break from their regular duties due to an inevitable personal situation. Contact Blue Heart Community Care today for NDIS short term accommodation in South East Melbourne.

Feel at Home with Our NDIS Short Term Accommodation

Blue Heart Community Care offers a secured NDIS short term accommodation in Southeast Melbourne where participants are looked after by experienced professionals. Our Short-Term Accommodation enables the participant to live their lives as independently as possible with the required support, in an amicable environment that is carefully maintained and monitored.

We understand that every participant has a unique set of needs and religious/cultural preferences. At Blue Heart Community Care, we offer well designed facilities and a conducive environment to make participants feel at home. In addition, we offer a homely set-up where participants meet new people and become an active part of the community.

We are situated in the South-Eastern suburb of Melbourne; our Short-Term Accommodation (STA & MTA) facility is easily accessible through public transport and is close to major shopping centres. Our spacious facilities have large lounge rooms and sprawling outdoor areas, making them ideal even if a friend or family member visits. You can also take a tour of our facility. Book it here by calling us today.


Who can Access Our NDIS Short Term Accommodation in Melbourne?

Any eligible NDIS participant can access our short-term accommodation under the following situations:

  • If the carer cannot provide care or support due to some inevitable circumstance, short term accommodation is a great option for the NDIS funded participant.
  • In the case of home renovation, it becomes necessary to shift to a temporary accommodation.
  • If the participant is recovering from an illness and requires extra care from professionals.
  • If the current circumstances of the NDIS funded participant put them at risk of becoming homeless.
  • When the NDIS funded participant requires a break from their regular setting to learn and develop new skills.
  • Waiting for the SIL / SDA approval or SDA house gets built up.
  • Temporally or long-term accommodation after Hospital discharged.

Benefits of Our Short-Term / Medium Term Accommodation

Blue Heart Community Care forms an inclusive, fun, and comfortable environment enabling participants to try new activities and make friends. Our NDIS Short Term Accommodation includes:

  • Comfortable, spacious, self-contained accommodation
  • Nutritious meals
  • Fun activities and group games
  • Personalised support to encourage participants to live independently and make their stay fruitful
  • A secure and vibrant community

With an individual-centric approach, our Short-Term Accommodation aims at supporting the participants to independently carry out their tasks and pursue their goals. We ensure to support them learn and develop new skills while their carers take a break.

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