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Domestic Assistance Services for NDIS Participants

A clean, organised, and clutter-free home plays a crucial role in ensuring the physical and emotional well-being of an NDIS participant.

However, sometimes due to their physical and medical condition, participants may find it difficult to carry out the regular household tasks efficiently. Participants need an additional pair of helping hands to assist them with domestic chores where needed, while the carer ensures that the participants act as independently as possible.

Trusted and NDIS Certified Domestic Assistants

At Blue Heart Community Care, we provide personalised domestic assistance services to NDIS participants. Whether participants require support with light household duties or more individual-centric assistance, we can help ensure the home remains spotless, tidy and organised.

NDIS funded participants might need regular or occasional assistance with household duties; our domestic assistants are always there for participants to support them to have a healthy, safe and well-maintained home.

Find the Domestic Assistance Services With Blue Heart Community Care

Finding the right domestic assistant for NDIS participants can be difficult. At Blue Heart Community Care, we have a team of qualified professionals who are trained in offering general household assistance. Moreover, our staff has:

  • Right qualification and training
  • NDIS accreditation
  • Professionalism
  • A compassionate and person-oriented approach

Our Domestic Assistance Services Include Offering Assistance With:

  • Vacuuming, dusting and mopping
  • Changing bed linens
  • Cleaning the kitchen
  • Watering Plants/Gardening
  • Emptying and removing garbage bins
  • General cleaning
  • Feeding a pet
  • Tidying paths and steps
  • Sweeping outdoor areas
  • Cleaning the bathroom

Specialised Domestic Assistance Services For Hygienic and Comfortable Living Conditions

Our specialised and tailored domestic assistance services ensure a better quality of life for the participants and reduce the health risks associated with an unhygienic home. We respect the personal, cultural and religious preferences of every NDIS participant, so we offer domestic assistance plans tailored to their specific needs.

Contact Domestic Assistants for Beautiful and Tidy Homes

Our professional domestic assistants support participants with daily household chores and ensure beautiful and clean living spaces.

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