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Autism Spectrum Disorder Support Services

Is your child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder? The diagnosis can come as an extreme challenging for the family, and it can be emotionally overwhelming to come to terms with its reality. Only with the right understanding and support, an individual falling on the autism spectrum disorder can achieve developmental milestones. If you are looking for autism spectrum disorder support services, contact Blue Heart Community Care.

Comprehensive Support Services for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Blue Heart Community Care is a registered NDIS service provider and offers a comprehensive range of support for autism spectrum disorder. Our team of dedicated, caring, trained and sympathetic professionals work towards understanding and engaging the NDIS funded participants to celebrate their strengths and aspirations. With the right combination of experience and expertise, we assist you as the guardian in understanding the NDIS plan and navigating its complexities.

Person-Centric Support for Autism Spectrum Disorder

We understand that the needs and preferences of each participant on the autism spectrum are different. Our autism-specific support services are designed to accommodate and address participant requirements effectively. Taking a person-centric approach, we work closely with the participant and the family to support them emotionally, mentally, and physically.

How Does Blue Heart Community Care Help You?

  • We connect to the right therapists, support coordinators and right resources.
  • Our professionals design a person-oriented plan to assist the participants in achieving their development goals.
  • We also help you plan a conducive environment for the participant’s overall development.
  • Encourage the participants to integrate into familiar and new environments such as homes, schools, and local communities.
  • Offer Short Term Accommodation, medium term accommodation, long term accommodation and the SIL. funded by NDIS or Department funded services.

Additionally, we support the participants in cultivating new skills and perspectives to ensure they can live their lives as independent as possible. Our person-centric support services focus on assisting the participants to:

  • Boost Communication Skills
  • Improve Their Quality of Life
  • Encourage Inclusion in The Broader Community.

To get a clearer picture of support for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Call us at 03 5995 7709/0433 979 780 or Drop us an email-

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