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Disability Support Services

Dedicated and People-Oriented Disability Support Services

If you have an acquired or progressive disability, navigating through the new life can be mentally and emotionally arduous. Our dedicated NDIS support services help the participants to develop new skills and abilities, so they can live their life to the fullest.

If you have been looking for disability care service providers in South East Melbourne, Blue Heart Community Care is here to assist you at every step. Our trained professionals support participants to cultivate a meaningful connection with the community to achieve their goals.

Why Choose Blue Heart Community Care Disability Support Service Provider?

Blue Heart Community care works closely with the participants to empower them with new skills, confidence and independence. When it comes to disability support services, the one size fits all approach never works. The proportion and intensity vary from individual to individual. So, we take a person-centric approach and fine-tune our support services for each individual. We empower the participants to grab opportunities to develop new life skills that support their integration into the community.

NDIS Disability Care & Support Services

How Does Disability Care Service Provider support you?

Our friendly and experienced professionals at Blue Heart Community care will assist participants with their needs and requirements to achieve individual NDIS goals. We encourage the participants to carry out their daily tasks and support them only when they need.

  • Person-Centric Support Services – No two individuals are the same, and neither are their needs. So, we formulate a person-centred plan that focuses on holistic development and support.
  • Facilitate the participants to become an active part of social activities. We support individuals to conquer the challenges of staying connected and active within their social network.
  • Our NDIS support workers work in line with the individual’s personal, cultural and social needs.

Comprehensive and Compassionate Disabilities Care & Support Services

When it comes to offering disabilities support services, a compassionate and humane approach can make a difference. Our trained professionals constantly motivate participants to achieve their goals with a comprehensive support plan.

After the initial consultation with our professional, we develop a thorough plan and support service packages. These plans are tailored to address all support areas and facilitate the participants to live a healthy, confident and independent life.

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